5 Low Cost Real Estate Marketing Strategies for 2017

real estate fllers

We are one month into the new year and you have marketing on your mind.  Like most, you want this year to be more successful and fruitful than last year.  In order to jumpstart your marketing, you want to make sure you are following the right approach and including some out-of-the box ideas.

Below are 5 low-cost marketing strategies that are going to help you expand and grow your brand in 2017:

1. Pick your top five clients and ask for testimonials

Testimonials are a great asset to have.  They tell potential clients and coworkers that you have a reputation for establishing long-lasting, valuable relationships with clients. They also make your marketing communications and presentations more credible. This can be very helpful when it comes to creating real estate flyers.  I have found when I feature a testimonial on my flyer, it definitely gets more traction.  If you have not started using real estate flyers as a part of your marketing strategy, you should.  I love using Flyerco.  They have a large template gallery and you can customize it as you would like.

To get started, take a few minutes and think about who you have not received testimonials from yet.  It’s a great strategy to start off the new year. And don’t forget to add them to your flyers.

2. Share your expertise by writing for your local newspaper or magazine 

When it comes to brand recognition, visibility is key. One way to easily achieve this is through creating valuable content that speaks to your audience.  Doing so, shows you are helpful and attentive.  This in turn builds trust and credibility in the eyes of current and potential clients.

3. Use Pinterest  to showcase your listings

Pinterest is all about the visual, making it a great outlet to promote your listings. Create a specific board and let your listings do the talking.  Make sure to keep it up to date with fresh images, descriptions and links.

4. Look into getting useful items branded and give them away or raffle them off

Branded items are a great way to also boost visibility. Be creative with your choices.  T-shirts, stickers, hats and bottle openers are all fun and useful things to give away.  You can give them out at open houses and showings or host a fun raffle on your social media channels. With something useful, both prospects and clients will use it on a regular basis and in turn be consistently exposed to your brand.  This will help keep you and your brand at the forefront of their minds.

5. Create a video of yourself

Using video as a branding opportunity is not only smart but a necessity.  Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool and really helps build trust with your audience which leads to more business.  With a smartphone that takes good pictures and has decent sound quality, you should be good to go. Keep the video short and to the point, and use it to cover the most useful information possible.Create your video with YouTube and then share it across all your social media channels as well as any other forms of communication you send out. Nowadays you don’t need expensive video equipment to create videos.

So there you have it, 5 low cost marketing strategies to start the year off fresh.  Done right, you should definitely see more leads and referrals coming your way.  Good luck and here’s to a great year!