5 Social Media Tools to Try in 2017


The landscape for social media tools is always evolving and launching new tools that help marketers do their day to day job with just the right amount of help.

Here are 5 great tools to add to your marketing arsenal in 2017.


Great for content curation for Instagram. This helpful tool gives you a new and fresh way to connect with your followers. It allows you to perform a search for images on Instagram that are pertinent to your brand. It then takes it a step further by automatically asking the original poster for permission to utilize their image. Boom, you are now free to use these images in your Instagram ads, social posts and your website.


If you are not scheduling your content, you are working inefficiently and losing out on saving tons of time! There are a few social media scheduling tools out there right now. I love using Autogrammer. One of the best benefits is that you can schedule your posts on multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also easily edit your photos and bulk upload images.

Adobe Spark

This awesome free app allows you to create amazing web stories, graphics and animated videos in just a few minutes. They also provide you with templates so that you don’t always have to start from scratch.


Gifs.com allows you to take any video or live video and easily turn it into a GIF. All you have to do is select the meme you want and gifs.com adds the captions and effects. You can also have it link back to wherever you want. This is helpful for gaining traffic back to your site and capturing followers on your social media channels.


Tools that help you stay organized are key when it comes to managing your social media. Edgar provides you with a way to keep your posts organized by categorizing them. This allows you to locate previous content that you want to repost. Reposting relevant old content will bring in fresh new views and may reach those who missed your content the first time around.

As you think about your social media marketing strategy and the tools you use, you want to stick with those that are going to help you streamline and master your content process for all your social media accounts. 2017 is a great time to review what you have been doing and perhaps bring in some new approaches.