5 Tips For More Effective Meetings With Your Team



Whether it’s Monday morning meetings or  weekly team meetings, most people don’t love hearing Meeting in the conference room in 5 minutes”.   The overall negative feeling people have towards meetings has to do with with that fact that most of the time they are not effective.  If they are not effective meetings, what is the point in having them?  There is something true about.  Most meetings are ineffective and don’t really accomplish anything other than eating up people’s time.  So how do you hold a meeting that actually accomplishes something and leaves your team excited to hit the ground running?  This is what we will cover below.


Here are five tips for holding more effective meetings with your team


1.  Connect with every team member


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In typical office meetings, you can expect the team leader or manager to start the meeting off the with the “agenda”.  Quickly, you see heads drop and eyes drift off.  People feel like they are just being told something and there is no engagement taking place.  The point of a meeting is to have a discussion face to face not for sharing data.

For this reason, it would be a good idea to share the agenda in advance of the meeting.  This way people enter the meeting already knowing what will be discussed.  In addition, they will get the opportunity to take time to formulate what their contribution will be when you do meet.  By sharing this information beforehand, your team will feel a connection and brainstorming during the meeting will come naturally.  The meeting winds up being so much more effective and everyone will leave the meeting on the same page.


2.  Effective meetings need a fun factor


Meetings and fun are two words you usually don’t use in the same sentence.  It is, however, very possible to add in a fun aspect to your meetings. It will help break up the monotony and engage everyone during the meeting. There are plenty of team activities you can work into the mix and before you know it, your team members will be looking forward to your meetings. Here are some ways you can work in some excitement and fun into your meetings.

Celebrate something

Do a team-building activity

Take the meeting off-site

Bring in some fun or interesting food


3.  Always circle back to the company’s vision/mission  


In order for a team meeting to be effective, you don’t want it to be solely about status updates and deadlines.  In an effort to keep your team members on the same page as the company, you want to circle back to the key business objectives they should be focusing on for the growth of the company.


4. Establish action items



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As you go through your agenda, the team will hopefully be coming up with ideas and decisions. As each action item is created, assign each one to a team member. They should log their responsibilities into your team progress tracking software.  From here they everyone on the team can see daily status updates on all items and jobs.  You can see what is done, still getting done and what hasn’t been done and why.  This will keep everyone accountable and informed.  Not to mention one less meeting to follow up on those action items.


5. Stick to the end time for the meeting


As you set up your agenda for the meeting, you will get an idea for how long the meeting needs to be.  You can now set an end time so your meeting doesn’t run over.  Whoever is running the meeting should designate a team member to keep an eye on the time.


Final thoughts


Bouncing from one meeting to the next is a huge time waster and doesn’t yield any productive results. The above tips will help you run more effective meetings that will lead to more productive days and happier employees.