6 Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Company Website

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The benefits of WordPress are many.  It is one of the most popular website builders for both blogging and non-blogging websites.  It boasts unique features that have made it one of the most popular content management systems out there. Major corporations like NBC and Sony use it and for good reason. Below we will cover what makes this platform so popular among its users.


1. It is highly user-friendly


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A website built with WordPress can literally be up and running in a matter of minutes.  This is because you don’t need to have any programming knowledge to set it up (unlike competitors Drupal and Joomla).  All you need is a web hosting account and a domain name.  WordPress can then be installed via your WordPress hosting provider or you can go upload it from WordPress.org.

Once installed, there is an admin dashboard that has all the features you need to start creating pages and posts right away. If you need some inspiration, there are a bunch of templates available to choose from or you can hire a professional web developer if you want more of a custom look.

2. Benefits of WordPress: It is very cost effective

When we say cost effective, we mean it’s free.  Yep, not cost to you.  Even if your site blows up and you start getting tons of traffic, still no charge.  This alone makes it extremely attractive.  You also don’t need to hire a designer every time you want to make an update to the content on your site.  This will save you lots when it comes to upkeep and maintenance.

3. Plugins provide specialized functions

One of the best parts about WordPress is that if your website requires more specialized functions, you have access to their plugin directory.  It includes hundreds of plugins (tiny pieces of code that are designed to perform specific tasks) that can add features like contact forms, shopping carts, image galleries, opt-in forms and more.  If you use G Suite, there is even a Google apps plugin for WordPress that will allow you to manage your user accounts directly from your Gsuite account. You also have the option to purchase custom plugins from third-party developers.  As your site needs change, you can activate or deactivate any plugins.

4. WordPress sites are SEO friendly

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WordPress websites have a built in leg up when it comes to SEO.  They tend to rank high for their keywords Because the code being used is simple.  This makes the job of search engines easeir when it comes to reading and indexing website content.

In addition to this, each page of content or image you create is equipped with its own keywords, title, description,meta tags etc.  This allows for more precise search engine optimization.

5. You get built in responsive web design

Everyone is on their mobile so responsive web design is a necessity for your website. This means that your website will look as it should on any device.   Wordpress comes equipped with responsive web technology so you don’t have to go around creating different websites for different mobile devices.

Furthermore, when it comes to Google rankings,mobile responsiveness plays a factor.  So you get the SEO benefit here too.  There are a variety of responsive theme designs to choose from and if you have a static site, there are plugins you can use.  .

6. If want to change designers, no problem

There may come a time when you want to switch the designer or firm you are working with.  With WordPress, the transition is simple.  This is in part due to the fact that it operates on an open source platform.  You have the ability to customize the functionality and look of your website.  This means you can alter or improve the source code to fit your needs. So if you move to another designer and they want to make changes, no problem.