7 Effective Ways To Generate More Real Estate Leads


The real estate industry is built on relationships. For this reason, it is so important to nurture relationships with any new clients as well as past ones. It is essential that you remain front of mind with potential buyers and sellers that way when they have a real estate need, you are the one they call.

Below are seven ways to get more leads for your real estate


1. Connect with leaders in your market

Do some research to find out who are they key players in your market and try to set up a face-to-face meeting. Let them know that there are times when you are in need of a great insurance agent or banker and you would like to have some solid recommendations to pass on.

For your end, spend time every week going through your database for potential business you can send their way.  Set up a weekly call with them to either discuss business you would like to refer or to check on any existing referrals. Referrals are gold in real estate so if you are working some magic on your end, these new connections will return the favor.

2.  Connect with divorce attorneys

We all can probably come up with some people we know who are divorced.  Try and get an idea of how they would rank their attorneys and set a meeting up with those that are ranked highest.

3. Involve your life insurance agent

Life insurance agents are always talking with new people.  They have direct knowledge about their clients’ financial situation as well as what their future plans are (like plans to buy or sell a house).  At the end of every closing you have, it is a smart idea to make an introduction between your life insurance agent and your clients to review coverage. As an example, a family that just took on a hefty mortgage may need to change up their policy.

4. Link up with personal bankers

People who are thinking about buying a home will usually see if they will be approved for a loan by paying a visit to their bank.  This is done before they have chosen an agent to work with.  With that being said, not everyone has a relationship in place with a lender, so when they visit their banker, they are referred to the bank’s lender.  If you do not have a relationship with that banker, you are missing out on this business.

5. Get to know financial planners

If you have a client who has just sold a home where they made out with some cash, they are going to need some guidance on what to do with it.  For this reason, if you don’t have a relationship with any financial planners, you should find out who the best are in your area and link up with them.  Cultivating a relationship with these planners will do wonders for your business.  Their clients trust them with their most important asset so they will trust any recommendation they make for a real estate agent.

6. Write thank-you notes for referrals  

Immediately after receiving a referral, you should write a thank you note and put it in the mail.  This should be done for every referral you receive, whether it comes from the same person or not.  If you get four referrals in a week, send out four separate thank you notes.  It may seem like a bit much, but not to the person on the receiving end.  They will feel appreciated and it will definitely help you stand out.  Most agents don’t do this practice so this is one step you don’t want to ignore.

In order to ensure success with this practice, make sure you are always stocked up with stationary and stamps as this tends to be the reason people fail to consistently perform this step.

7. Use real estate email marketing flyers

One of the most effective ways to generate more leads is to use real estate email flyers. With some creativity and the right tools to design your flyer, they can be one of your best lead generating tools. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your flyer:

  • Use professional images and highlight key features of the home –  Professionally done photos are a must and make sure to list the best features of the home in a simple to read format.
  • Include contact information – Aside from key details like your email address and phone number, remember to also list your social media contact info and website address
  • Include a Call to Action – This could be to call or text for more information on the property, to visit your website or to follow you on social media.