8 Real Estate Marketing Tips To Help You Sell More


Real estate is all about closing sales and you really need to separate yourself from your competitors in order to be successful. Using simple yet powerful marketing ideas will help you sell a home faster and more efficiently.


Here are 9 marketing ideas to help you get more leads and close more sales.

1. Make a viral video

Creating a viral video is marketing gold nowadays.  With all those social shares you will reach a much wider audience and everyone loves to share a fun and entertaining video. When coming up with ideas, think of funny, creative, memorable and short. Even if the audience is not exactly your target, they may share it with someone who is.

2. Make virtual tours of your listings

When it comes to marketing listings, creating a virtual tour is a great way to generate buzz. They will not only leave a great impression with buyers but are also a good way to market yourself to seller leads. Being able to show them a virtual tour that you created for another client can definitely give you that competitive edge.

3. Market your listings with Instagram stories

As a real estate agent or broker, using social media to market your brand as well as your listings is key.  Using Instagram Stories is a great way to give your audience a glimpse into your day to day life as well as a platform to showcase your listings.  Instagram also gives you the ability to share your listings with photos and videos, record testimonial videos, and even share homeowner tips, all in one place. Another great aspect of using Instagram, is you get to see how your competition is engaging with their current and prospective clients.

4. Use real estate email flyers 

Using real estate email flyers is an effective and simple tool to use for marketing to both clients and other agents. They allow you to immediately announce reductions in pricing, new listings and open houses to a targeted group of recipients. Because this is email, you do not run the risk of information becoming outdated.

5. Create a blog 

More than 90% of potential buyers begin their home search online. Because of this, blogging has really taken off.  It is very effective, inexpensive and can really boost your traffic and your brand.  The key to a successful blog is to consistently provide valuable and interesting content and with time you will see an increase in traffic and an upswing in business.

6. Always use professional photography

Having high-quality professional photographs of your property listings is one of the most important marketing investments you can make.  It is crucial that your photos stand out and showcase the best qualities of your property listing. At the end of the day, these photos will affect the selling price of a home, how fast it sells and even if it sells at all.

7. Ask for testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most important parts of a successful marketing strategy.  They have the power to make or break a deal and really help provide reassurance to a client that you are the right person to do the job. If you don’t have a process in place for getting these testimonials, you need to set one up.  At the beginning of the relationship is a good time to mention the importance of these reviews.  If you do the job you promised, they will have no problem helping you out.   Aside from testimonials on your website, make sure not to neglect the prominent realty websites like Zillow.com and Realtor.com.  Racking up positive reviews on these sites will really go a long way as these are the first stop for potentials who are looking to validate you.

9. Facebook Ads

Although Facebook has drastically reduced your organic reach numbers, they have also introduced Facebook ads.  They are a fairly affordable and effective way to increase your audience numbers, boost visibility of your posts, and ultimately increase engagement with your content. The process is straightforward and easily understandable but even more importantly, it is designed to help you achieve your specific end goals (more likes, increased web traffic etc).