A Comprehensive Review of TrustedID

trusted idIdentity theft is becoming more common among with the latest inventions in technology. Modern technology has simplified the dissemination of personal information and therefore making governments and businesses rely on numbers to identify citizens. These numbers can easily be manipulated by fraudsters who are always preying on unsuspecting individuals. Trusted ID protection services can help you curb such fraudsters and guard you from identity theft. Here is a comprehensive Trusted ID review with the pros and cons discussed expansively.

The Benefits of TrustedID Theft Protection Services

One of the major advantages of TrustedID is the fact that you can cover your children or elderly relatives in your plan. This is in great contrast to other identity theft recovery services that only focus on the applicants alone, leaving other members of their families exposed to identity fraudsters.

The second advantage of Trusted ID is that it monitors your personal information and secures unauthorized use of any of your personal documents. Whether it is your credit cards, email accounts, driver’s license or even your personal names, the top rated TrustedID services will monitor and prevent fraudsters from accessing and exploiting the information.

Thirdly, Trusted ID has resources on its website that you might find very useful as you seek to protect your personal information from identity theft. For example, from the website’s resources, you will learn that frauds involving a credit card might take a few weeks to track down and unravel the damage, but those that involve crooks using your names to open checking accounts or get driver’s licenses can take years to clean up.

Lastly, the identity theft experts will advise you accordingly on how you can reduce risks of becoming a victim in the ever-growing list of individuals conned by id thieves. Stained records make it difficult for the victims to rent a house, get phone services, cash a check, qualify for a loan or even board a plane. If the thieves used you’re your name to get a job, the tax authorities may come knocking at your door for tax due on the earnings. All these can be avoided if you get expert advice from id theft specialists.

The Cons of Trusted ID

  • Does not monitor criminal data. This can make your information exposed to some fraudsters using such data.
  • Does not monitor public record. This might work to your disadvantage as it leaves some loopholes that crafty identity thieves might utilize.

The Verdict:

Other than the two disadvantages, Trusted ID is still one of the best protection services for your personal information. It is worth using for credit protection.