Tips For Getting Customer Reviews For Your Shopify Store


Social proof is everything today.  Many consumers base their buying off of the reviews of others and if you have happy customers but barely any positive reviews to show for it, that can be frustrating.


Below are six strategies to help you increase customer



1. Make it easy to leave a review

There should be a simple system in place on your website where customers can leave a review.  You can check out other retailer sites to see how they have theirs set up but the most popular one is that of Amazon.  The star rating system has now become very popular due to Amazon along with their written reviews.  You can also copy them by adding in a search option where people can search for certain types of reviews.

There are various places you can have a call to action.  These include:

  • Product pages.
  • Confirmation emails and pages.
  • On receipts or invoices.

You also do not want to forget to put a system in place for follow ups as well.  People will often leave a review weeks or even months down the line.  In an effort to not miss out on these reviews, you should have something automated set up where the person will receive an email a few weeks after they receive the product, asking them to share their experience.

2. Set up business listings

Customer reviews can be found all over the internet these days and you want to make sure your business is set up to receive them.  Here are just some of the websites you should have your business set up on:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

Additional ones can be found here.

3. Provide an incentive

Since reviews take time and effort, it is a good idea to offer something in return for them.  This not only helps get them to want to leave a review but also strengthens the positive experience they had with your brand.  Some ways you can incentivize your customers is by offering some sort of coupon or discount for them to share their feedback.

You can also do a giveaway where you pick the winner from those who took the time to leave a review or give feedback.  One thing you do want to stay away from is buying reviews.  It is just not a good practice and sites like Yelp can catch you in the act and it will negatively affect your business.  If you are having trouble converting customers to make that purchase, it is time think about using something like Exit offers. This is a great app that provides a pop-up that will present a special promotion if customers begin to navigate away from your store.

4. Be set up for mobile reviews

Everyone is on a mobile device these days so you need to make sure you are making it easy for your customers to leave a review.  This is where the star rating along with a written review would make it easy for the customer.  Do not make them log in or go through a bunch of steps.  If you send an email asking for a review, they should be able to just leave one right from the email without having to click and go to another site.

5. Ask for a review

Even though a customer may have a had a positive experience with your business, they probably will not make the leap to leaving a review.  For this reason, it is important to ask them to leave one. Here are some personable and non pushy ways you can ask:

  • Leave feedback
  • Share your thoughts
  • Tell us about your experience
  • How did you like your purchase?

6. Send an email post-purchase

Sending an email within seven days of a purchase is probably one of the best ways to get reviews from customers.  This time frame works because it is enough time to ensure they have received the product and it will still be fresh in their minds.   This will also help strengthen their relationship with your brand because the more interactions they have with your company, the more they will spend with you in the future.  In order to interact as much as possible with your customers, you should be getting customers to whitelist your email, become a follower on all your social media accounts etc.